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Affiliate Program

Pennywize offers two great affiliate programs - one great program for affiliates to earn recurring income on referrals, and a second program to enable hosting companies to offer Pennywize in bulk to their customers.

For Affiliates

Pennywize is offering a great recurring income opportunity to webmasters who refer new webmasters to Pennywize, who subsequently take out a monthly subscription. This feature is available to all existing Pennywize customers and all new customers !

30% recurring profit share

Here's how to get started :

  1. Create a free regular pennywize account.   A regular pennywize account doubles as an affiliate account.
  2. Log in
  3. Under the "affiliates" tab you will your unique referral URL, as well as some markerting materials

Once a new customer signs up under your referring URL, they will appear as one of your referred accounts. You will be able to see certain bits of information about your referred accounts.

  1. Payments made by paypal at the conclusion of each month
  2. You can not refer yourself
  3. Under no circumstances shall you send spam to promote pennywize.   This does not outlaw legitimiate email marketing.
  4. Affiliates earn 30% of the net profit  from referred accounts -- ie gross receipts less refunds, charge backs and applicable processing fees.

For Hosting Companies

For hosting companies who would like to offer Pennywize as a value added service to their customers, Pennywize has developed a special wholesale program for such applications.    Simply follow the procedure above to obtain a regular affiliate account.  Then contact us and we'll turn your account into a "wholesale" account, which will give you the following added features:

  • ability to create new children accounts under your master account
  • ability to change the subscription level of any of your children accounts
  • enhanced reporting on your children accounts
  • 1 click login under any of your children accounts

You will be responsible for charging your customers what (if anything) you want to charge them for their service.   Pennywize will invoice you monthly at a wholesale rate, which will be determined based on volume.  

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 27th 2018


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