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Pennywize Pricing

Pennywize offers a trial version of the standard service completely free of charge to webmasters. This trial version is time limited to 30 days and does everything the paid version does except automatically block shared accounts. The trial version can be upgraded to a subscription service at any stage without requiring any downloading or re-installation.

All subscriptions entitle you to full installation, full support and future upgrades. Below is the new pricing schedule as of June 1, 2009:

Plan Logins Fee Features
Free Unlimited Free! No Disable
Basic Upto 1000 US$29.95 per month All
Advanced Upto 5000 US$49.95 per month All
Unlimited 5000+ Bulk discount available All

The Free account gives first time webmasters a chance to try Pennywize on their websites without outlaying any costs. When you are satisfied with the results that Pennywize is yielding, you can go ahead and upgrade your account to the listed plans. There will be no need to reinstall and software as these features will be enabled on the Pennywize server.


Pennywize has always been designed to meet the smallest set of minimum requirements for webmasters. As such, there is no compiling to be done, no cron-tabs to setup and no need to touch your password file.

  • Apache 1.3 or 2.x series
  • mod_rewrite
  • Perl 5.003
  • PHP 5.1

Users will require cookies to be turned on

Apache with mod_rewrite and perl are standard on most unix servers these days from just about all hosting companies.


Our friendly support staff are here to help you with any queries you may have. We have email support which is monitored continually by our trained technicians, as well as 24hr emergency support. All technical support by email is free. All fee paying customers requiring first time installations are free and are treated with priority. As part of the Pennywize Administration pages, there is a technical support request form, as well as a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list.

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 27th 2018


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