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Here is some of the feedback we've received over the last few years. We'd always love to hear more, so be sure to tell us how Pennywize works for you.

Excerpt from an alt.sex.passwords posting we recently found:

"Been cracking for sometime with good success. Come up against a problem at Christinamodel.com. Penywize security seems very good. Anyone got past this at any site? Tried the usual chain proxies, retest fake passes, different progs etc. Any help appreciated." email cjm200gb@yahoo.co.uk

We'd just like to say thanks to Steve at Pennywize for creating what is a truly outstanding product. We used the old version of Pennywize which was pretty good, but the new version is just outstanding !! Since opening our site in January 1999 we have had over 2 million visitors, and in becoming the UK's No.1 Swinger site we've attracted many hackers trying to access the site without paying a penny. Having experienced 2 hacks in quick succession which cost us over $2000 in bandwidth charges Pennywize was the answer to our prayers, we can honestly say it's saved us thousands of pounds as we seem to be targetted by hackers every other day, in fact on September 13th 2000 there were 1450 attempts to hack our site all of which failed due to Pennywizes fantastic protection.

We now sit back happy in the knowledge that when people do steal passwords or try to hack the site, they simply get sent to one of our click thru partners who PAY US for sending them traffic, so instead of losing money from hackers we actually make money, and not on our bandwidth either !!

Steve is incredibly helpful, and when we moved to a new server did the installation for us on the same day we requested it, now that's what I call a complete service !

Keep up the good work Steve, and may Pennywize live long, it's an absolute MUST HAVE for any serious adult webmaster...


-- Emma & Carl - http://www.swapscene.com

I am building a web hosting business here and attracting more and more sites. I'd love to refer all the pay sites to Pennywize. Your service has worked beautifully for the first two sites we put up on it. The site owners are extremely pleased, and you've made me look like a hero ... Pennywize is an elegant, simple and effective solution for any pay site. I love it! Wish I'd thought of it!

-- Bill T - Webmaster www.wgta.com

After using Pennywize for over year I didn't think things could get any better but your latest release is amazing. I run several movie sites and pennywize is a must for them all. Your "Brute Force" protection saved me over 3 gig of bandwith in only three days. I was serving out thousands of error pages daily. The first day pennywize stopped 104 Brute Force attacks ! Pennywize has proven and paid for itself 100 times over. Bravo !

-- Terry - webmaster@nitrovideo.com

Pennywize rocks! I would recommend it to anyone trying to protect their site from unauthorized entry. It was definately one of the best investments I have made. The product performs flawlessly and Steve is a cool guy anxious to help out whenever he can.

-- Marc L. - Webmaster http://www.digitaldesires.com

Pennywize has saved us thousands of dollars in bandwidth and is worth every penny. I can now sleep at night knowing that my site is not being ripped off. I don't do this for fun you know... Anyway, thanks again for all your help, I should add the tech support for Pennywize is outstanding...

--Smutczar, Webmistress http://www.allyoucaneat.com

BTW, great program - we would have massive bandwidth issues if it wasn't for pennywize. The password sites send us thousands of denied visitors even though all of the accounts they have are redirected to other pages.

--Cam Smith, www.digitalerotica.com

I have been using pennywize for two years now, to protect my sites, the main one being www.legshow.net. In that time, many stolen and traded passwords have been disactivated due to the pennywize scripts - saving me a lot of cash in extra bandwidth usage. It has also save me from severe damage due to attacks by brute force hacking attempts - By the look of my stats at pennywize, 100's of attempts!

I thought that was all pennywize was useful for - But I was wrong!

Recently, I noticed that my membership was falling off dramatically. Almost five hundred in one month left. I could not work out why - I was still updating the sites every day with good quality unique images. As a last resort, I spent a few hours going over my pennywise stats - checking and double checking. Then it hit me - I had several "new" members with exactly the same ip address. I downloaded all my password files and found that many new passwords had been added manually. This could only be done through my ccbill webmaster stats page. And I hadn't added them! My webmasters' stats page had been hacked - and by a fellow webmaster. I checked out the offending ip. It was from someone using a H.I.S system where the complete ip stays the same. This explained why my members were cancelling - Another webmaster was doing it for them! CCBILL are now investigating their scripts and they will also be looking at all the information I was able to glean from my pennywize stats.

I can only say that pennywize saved me from bankruptcy - if I hadn't had them, I would never have found out.

--Kevin Dyer

Pennywize is a very cool programme - it stops them password sites killing my bandwidth!

--Phil, Webmaster www.teenagedreams.com

With Pennywise running on our site, I no longer worry about password bandits attacking my site. Pennywize deletes accounts when they are over used and notifies me by email.

--Lorne Phillips

I LOVE password traders! With Pennywize, I redirect the thousands of people coming to my server when an account is given out to my banner advertising page, and I actually make good money from it!

--Charles Allom

Hi there! Our first ever encounter with a mega-big password site has led us to your door. The first name that comes to our mind when we think of password protection is Pennywize, so here we are! Thanks for your time! We can't imagine not purchasing your product unless our web guru tells us it's not gonna run on his server. 4774 accesses to one U/P overnight is enough to scare 99 bucks out of us! ;-)

--Jen and Dave (jen-dave.com)

Being new at the webmaster business, I am amazed at how much of my technical problems were being caused by illegal traffic. Both myself and my Web Host kept on thinking there was something wrong with their server. Immediately after installing your software we were surprised at the extent of illegal traffic that was driving up the bandwidth and grinding the site to a halt. After your software cleared out the hackers and password abusers the site is now running faster and smoother.

Many thanks, I wish I had known about your stuff sooner.

--Webmaster, CFM

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 27th 2018


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